Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Our tri-club group at this years local Turkey Trot. It was ccccccooooollllllldddddd!
Ya gotta love the reflective piping, it really works :)

Zak and Grace had a school project. They needed to cut out pictures of the things they were thankful for and then paste them to paper. The teachers would laminate the paper so they would have placemats for the holiday. Here's what they said .....

Gracie -

Right out of the gate - I get the #1 spot - "You mom, I'm thankful for you"

Our house

Warmed up milk in the morning





Oranges - "But Gracie we don't eat oranges." - "Oh yeah, ok, grapes."




Zak -

My transformer

Warmed up milk


Casey - his friend from school

Riley - Casey's sister


Cousins Matt, Nick and Sammy

"Ok mom, that's all I can think of, can I go play now?"

Ben 10

The difference between girls and boys - Scott and I didn't even rank on Zak's list. Not even a thought. :)

I've given this thankful thing a lot of thought. I know the obvious, I'm thankful for my family, friends, my home and faith in God, my health. Do I dig deeper than the obvious? Well, here are 10 things that would be on my placemat this year .....

  1. Finishing the Wisconsin Ironman safely and not feeling like I was going to die when Sammy joined me to cross the finish line.

  2. Running the Ridge Run in May and feeling like I wanted to keep running.

  3. Keri helping me after the Boston marathon

  4. Running on the lake front with Bubba while it is storming and windy and then getting the water and swimming, finally in the big waves!

  5. Watching my nephews Matt and Nick play football, side by side on the offensive line

  6. Standing in church, exhausted by the kids behaving badly that day and Scott grabbing my hand, knowing that he didn't have to say a word to make me feel better, just grabbing my hand was enough.

  7. Shopping in Jewel with Caroline. She was pushing Zak and he was grabbing the plastic produce bags and about to unroll them thru the fruits and vegi aisles. She laughed. Then told him no.

  8. Having Rick to ride the Horribly Hilly Hundreds with.
  9. Hearing my brother's voice on the phone, telling me he just won his golf tournament. We were both over come.

  10. Finding Gracie at the waterpark. We were separated for just a couple of minutes but it felt like an eternity. When I finally saw her from a distance she looked so scared but she did exactly what I told her to do. I ran up to her and she held on to me tighter than I ever felt her hold on before.

There's more. These are the ones I can think of now. I am truly blessed.


RunBubbaRun said...

Still not sure what you were thinking running and swimming in a storm.. Your crazy...

But, I was glad I was not the only one out there.

Yes indeed, alot to be thankful about.. ThankYou as well

The Clyde said...

Thanks for kind words last week Pam, it was appreciated.

Wish I could have been there for the trot, but I was back home. I did however organize my own "First Annual Schabel Turkey Day 5 Miler". 2 of my cousins and my brother in law did it with me, hopefully next year I can get more to do it with us.