Friday, September 21, 2007

Race With Your Heart

"Race with your heart not your watch" - Doug Johnston May 2007

That's what I did. It was a perfect week-end. The weather, the friends and family, the atmosphere. All of it. It was one of the most magical experiences of my life. A feeling that has come probably 5 times - getting married, finding out I was pregnant and having the twins, qualifying for Boston, and then Sunday completing the Ironman Wisconsin. There are no words that can express the love and support I felt during the entire Ironman journey. My life truly is good.

Tom, me, Mike, Dennis, Gil and Doug after Friday night's pasta dinner

"Hey Pam, nice rack" - Thanks Gil, be quiet Doug

Room with a view. Lake Monona from my hotel window, Saturday morning.

Crew and family having coffee Saturday afternoon. You can see Scott (white cap with blue stripe) telling Doug to think positive.

That's Brian in the blue shirt holding his coffee and his lovely wife. Yes, any one familar with "Run Bubba Run" - that's Bubba - we're lucky to have him on the HumanRacer team :)

The 07 Moo Crew
Gil, Doug, Brian, Tom, Mike, Dennis, me, Herb and Scott

Holy crap - why didn't anyone tell me how short my shorts were?!

My family after the finish -

Matt, my mom, my sister Patty, me, Keri, Nick and the incredible Sam - The hubby took Zak and Grace upstairs - they were literally falling asleep on the sidewalk :)


DougJ said...

You had a magical day and you earned every second of it. I'm very proud of you!!!!!

RunBubbaRun said...

Now you mention, those shorts are kinda of short..

You had a awesome day, and you thought about waiting another year to do this? any regrets..

You made this a very memorable IM year for me as well.. That fierce look on your face on the 1st lap, scared the crap out of me :)

BOSTON and IronMan, now that's something..