Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time to Clear the Mind

Ok, well, those who thought they knew me are going to get to know the real me these last 10 days before IMWI. It has started. My mind may have been mush before but the haze has set in. The extreme sighing is becoming more frequent. And I am creating small checklists in my mind of what to take, eat, wear, and so on but when I go to write it down can't remember what I just thought of.

I have been reading fellow bloggers and tri mates blogs the last couple of days. They have become retrospective. Clear thoughts about what the past year of training has meant to them. I have given the past year a lot of thought. I have definitely had time to do it with all the long rides, runs and swims. But now, today, as I sit here and try to put it all down - well I can't seem to organize the thoughts. If I have a moment of clarity I plan to put all those thoughts into words but for now - well I hope I can thru the grocery store without buying what I don't need, I hope I put the groceries away in all the right cabinets. I hope I drop the kids school forms off at school and the mail at the post office and not vice versa.

1 comment:

RunBubbaRun said...

"going to get to know the real me,"
Can't wait to read this..

Don't worry, I already dropped my kid off at the post office already, the postage was to expensive to send off somewhere :)