Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Make Up

Well, I made up with my old friend Monday. It was hard. Really hard. After our last fight I wasn't sure I would ever feel the same way about my friend again.

I woke up Monday wishing I had another hour to sleep. The riding from Satruday and Sunday made me pretty tired. Being physically tired made me wonder if I was ready to meet my friend that morning and confront the demons that were created over the last several weeks.

My tri/running buddy Caroline met me at 6:25 a.m. She was excited that we had such a beautiful morning. As we approached the race site I began to get nervous. Was I ready for this? Did I really want to do this? My stomach was in knots. The weather was perfect. Sunny but cool.
I was seeing plenty of other friends that I have made since joining the tri club. I was asked by one friend if I was going to run "fast"? I laughed and explained that I wasn't sure after the week-end I had. I was asked by another friend, "Where was my backpack - that I wore on the LSD ride the day before?" Ah, you can tease me about my kickstand and backpack, my skin is getting tougher :)

And then it was time. It was time to start the 10K run. I walked to the start with bubba and Caroline. I know bubba was wondering why I wasn't starting in the front - he finally said to stop walking, we were as far back as he wanted to be. Doug, Scott, Tom R. and Ken made their way towards us. They picked up bubba and walked closer to the front. I turned and started to walk a little further back. I told Caroline to stay were she was. I knew she felt comfortable there. We picked a spot where we would meet when the race was over and then we seperated. I stepped to the curb to stretch a little and heard MJ calling me. It was good seeing her. We were both dressed in our "Team Uniform". I think her blond hair complements her uniform much better than my brown straight locks. Ok, I'm getting off track.

The moment arrived, it was time to run. Can't remember if it was a horn or a gun but off we went. I had my music with me to give me the extra push I knew I needed. My legs were sore. I told myself to keep my steps close together and keep the turnover fast. Keep my shoulders relaxed. Keep my arms moving. I didn't start my watch. I was going by what "coach" told me - train with your watch, race with your heart. With each passing mile I would look at the clock and anyone would agree, math skills are automatic at this point. I was figuring my splits and happy with what I was coming up with. My pace was steady and consistant. I was feeling sore but it was a good sore. I was tired from pushing but it was a good tired. I saw other runners, the street, cicadas, the sky, I took it all in. When I finally saw the finish I was happy and I finished with no regrets. 47:58.

It's funny how you think one thing and then go out and do it and what actually happens is so far from what you thought it was going to be. After Boston I had it in my head I was slowing down, things were changing and running would be a little different from now on. I'm glad I tried running this race and can say I was wrong. Running is my friend again, I think I can even say the clock is too. :)


DougJ said...

Good job Pam. It was "in" you all the time!

MJ said...

Congrats, Pam! It was a great day for a run and you did awesome...be proud of your accomplishment!